Family Commentary

The surname SIVEYER is held by a select few in the world! At a recent count there were only 31 households in England with only two overseas. Only 51 SIVEYERs on the UK electoral roll. Everyone alive today who was born with the surname SIVEYER with the exception of one branch can trace their roots back to John and Eliz/beth who married in 1778. The exception chose to become SIVEYER about 1900.

The English surname SIVEYER is said to be of occupational origin belonging to the category of surnames derived from the trade or profession carried out by the original bearer of the name.

The surname SIVEYER was applied to a sievewright or maker of sieves which were utensils having meshed or perforated openings used to strain solids from liquids or to separate fine particles from coarser ones. It is derived from the Middle English 'sive', in turn from the Old English 'sife' which is a kin to the old German 'sieb' meaning "to drip". This was a skilled and specialised craft and in the Middle Ages sievewrights had their own guild.

The earliest written reference to SIVEYER and its variants Sivier, Siever, Siver, Sievyer and Sievewright dates back to the thirteenth century and includes one Ralph le Siviere who was recorded in Cambridgeshire in 1273. In the 19th century most SIVEYER males were
coachsmiths or tailors.

John Siveyer married Elizabeth Hickx (Hicks) in St. Mary's Church, Marylebone, London on the 26th April, 1778. This is the current starting point of the SIVEYER name tree.

The tree, as displayed, will only contain information in the public domain about living people. It should expand as more data is gathered. Any information about any SIVEYER branch (or twig!) would be appreciated and used appropriately.